Rovin’ ’Rauder’s Daytona Report - 3/6/01

Rovin’ ’Rauder Report

March 6, 2001


It is 9:30 am and I finally got a decent night’s sleep. I hit the hay at 11:15, and was only awakened at 7:30 by the Dragpipe alarm. I’m a little sore from muscling Bess yesterday, but no big deal.

Last night Robbie, Rick and I rode up to the Iron Horse. It is on US 1, about 10 miles north of Daytona. Imagine a very small, old, decrepit and ill-kept bar. You expect to see a demolition notice in the window. But this one has a lifeline, Bike Week. The owners have built extensive out buildings surrounding the small bar, including beer halls, stages, a burn-out pit, and of course biker stores. The tee shirt selling facilities alone are bigger than the bar!

We actually parked across the street in a campground. Parking for cars, $10.00, bikes free. Robbie almost loses BlackStar when the kickstand sinks into the sand. We find a piece of plywood. We wandered the campground tent stores, tattoos, leathers, food, jewelry, leathers, beer, etc.

We cross the street to the Iron Horse. The police have a heavy presence. As we cross we see 8 cops in the act of cuffing an obviously drunken biker. I gotta tell you he couldn’t keep his balance long enough for them to cuff him. He wasn’t resisting, he was wasted! I guess he must have been on a bike and if so, he deserved it. It was cold, we’re all in full leathers. He is shirtless!

The construction is rough wood. Not a wasted brush of paint. To make it more interesting, they built an elevated deck, which is more like a bridge to nowhere. It’s like 8’ wide and wanders around overhead. It is big! There is not a square foot of it without a biker on it. Beneath there are more milling bikers and bikes, arriving, leaving and parked.

More stores. Bike lifts, tattoos, jewelry, leathers, tee shirts, leathers, an so on.

We have one beer (thanks, Rick) wander around, listen to a not-too-bad band for a while and split.

You know, Rick and Robbie seem to get along pretty well, I’m glad for them. She is a unique person, as you all know, and is even more fun in person. Rick is cool, for a Harley rider. <G>

Well, today is the last day for me. The weather looks just right for me to leave tomorrow am for home. I will be in between two storm systems, and I left my tire chains home. Geeze, with global warming and it being May, you’d think it was a safe bet to ride! I gotta be careful on the way home, but I95 ought to be safe.

It’s town again for me today, but I will be in the convention center finally. It’s hard be believe Bike Week is just starting to get up to speed! I want to get a good deal on a helmet, mine took a good hit in the road in South Dakota last summer, and I’m told one hit is all they’re good for. It HAS paid for itself!

JimG Lucky Bastard, I’m off to breakfast at 10 am. And life is good.