Rovin’ ’Rauder’s Daytona Report - 3/5/01

Rovin’ ’Rauder Report

Monday, Too Early

I did not get a lot of sleep Saturday night due to the noise, and last night it was no better. I did sleep pretty much right up until 7 am when I awakened to the sound of Dualing Dragpipes, a popular local tune! Hey, it has a beat, you could dance to it, but not at 7 am. And again at 7:08, and 7:15, etc, etc. You just can’t get 6 hr of sleep in a row around here!

I spent yesterday once again walking Main Street. The convention center doesn’t open until today, so there was nothing to do but hang around. I wound up stopping in the Hole in The Wall bar for lunch, two chilli dogs and two drafts, $4.50. CHEAP! People flow in and out, up and down Main Street, doing laps. I did like 4 laps yesterday. I think I know the inventories of the stores better than the owners!

One couple were pretty funny yesterday, seems they met in the Hole in The Wall bar a couple of years ago. She was saying she should have picked a better bar. Nice folks, reminded me of MIGs.

This is the last year for the bar, they’re tearing down the building. It seems the town is trying to clean up their image. They want the biker’s money, but a family atmosphere. What are these people on? This ain’t Disney, it’s a Biker Meet! Same old tune, they want the money, but not the expense and no problems.

When the sun finally came out, we went for a long ride, and got throughly lost. It happens when you try. I found my way back to town and parked Bessy on a side street. Some locals were hanging in their front yard and let me park in the driveway for a few minutes. Hung with them a while. One dude is so much like "Norm" on TV, it was unreal. The other guy was older, a graphic artist. Damn good too.

My Palm Pilot won’t connect to the net, I can’t get email on it. The cell phone won’t go on either "all circuits are busy". It took 5 tries to get the laptop on the web!

Well I’m amblin over to breakfast, see ya!