Rovin' 'Rauder's Daytona Report - 3/4/01

It is raining. Hard. HARD! It is neat for a while, but this isn't letting up. I keep looking at my rain gear, I may have to ride in the rain or go stir crazy. (Yeah, I know those of you in the winter climes would just hate to be sitting here in a short sleeve shirt watching the rain.) It's WAY too early for a beer, but like 3 hours, and I'm getting antsy.

Moving on to other business, where the hell is anybody staying, or meeting? According to my handy dandy Bike Week Roster (From Robbie) at least 2 MIGs should be here, but where? I've cc'ed this mail to Robbie's cell/web phone to see where she is, but how about Nick from the UK, Tina and Stroker?

My Palm email isn't connecting. My guess is that the local cell system is so heavily loaded that Palm mail is squeezed out.

JimG MIG #229