Rovin' 'Rauder's Daytona Report - 3/3/01
Rovin Rauder Rerporting from Daytona.

Rub it in Hubie, but I'm here and you're not! No I can't find Shiner here in Daytona, but Dos Equies Bock on draft will do! And less than 1/4 mile from my hotel too.

Craig's Mustang is BLACK. I mean everything is black inside and out except the aluminum wheels. Even the windows are tinted black. Now he's talkin about maybe a new Bandit in his never-ending test ride. Maybe a Vespa next?

Last night I took a short and SLOW ride and was entertained by the other bikers. I'd never seen those front wheel wheelies before in the flesh, WILD. The dude (maybe Dudette, who knows with all the "crotch rocket garb" on) grabs front brake at about 10 mph, and stands the bike up high, and then it drops with a bounce. You gotta see it. Cruisers racing, crotch rockets weavin in and out of traffic and this place is a little off the wall, to be sure.

This hotel has been rumblin all night. All morning there hasn't been a moment without loud pipes. Sounds good to me! I "slept in" intil 8:30. Lazed, hung out, showered and now I'm movin on to breakfast. I'll be cruisin soon. People here are cool,  air is biker festive and everybody has a grin. Ya gotta love it.

I should have pics for Eric to post later.


JimG MIG #229 (Lucky Bastard)


Rovin' 'Rauder Reports

March 3, 2001

Geeze, I'm bushed! No, not that! Get your mind outta the gutter! Just too much walking in this heat (Hubert, now I'm rubbing it in!)

First, I rode down to the chaos that is Bike Week, and parked near Daytona Harley Davidson. It is crowded! Using my usual methods, I avoided all the traffic by using side streets. Hey, if you want to sit on a hot bike in traffic, do it. Me, I'll take the alleys!

I walked up and down Beach Blvd (Road? Ave?). It is nowhere near the beach, go figure! Saw a few Intruders and left MIG cards on them. This is totally unlike Sturgis, it's spread out and frankly, doesn't seem as big. But it is something! Thank god it was warm enough to cause folks to don light clothes


After over an hour of that, I found the shortcut (Ridgewood to San Juan and down to Beach - NO Traffic) and rode to Main St. AWESOME! I got a parking spot right on Main Street, Lucky Bastard benefits from the positive vibes of 2,000 MIGs.

WOW! Gazillions of people. Bikes everywhere. Leather shops, tee shirts, flags, tattoos, beer, shooters, all kinds of food, bikes, people, vests, bags, people wearing clothes that they shouldn't (if you are 60+, overweight, baggy and wrinkled, don't wear revealing clothes, PLEASE) ARG!

There were er, exceptions to this, shall we say, male and female.

Many more Marauders and Intruders, ran out of MIG cards, I only brought 12.

I saw some "beautiful people", 4 of them, two guys and two gals. I'm quite sure some were stars of some kind, they were traveling with 2 tough looking bodyguards. I didn't recognize them, but people seemed to, a lot of pointing and looking. Perfect looks, you know the type. I didn't get a pic, sorry. Too slow.

I was surprised to see Al Gore here, much as he was at Sturgis too. Captain America bike, like Fonda rode in Easy Rider. But he's gone downhill, was doing shooters and selling autographs to cover his bar tab. Pathetic. Kept muttering something about chads. Tipper is working Froggie's, table dancing for tips. OK, so what if I had to see! I'm human, you know. She has "Miss Piggy" tattooed on her butt. Not just the name, a life sized picture, with all the other muppets too. And that's just on one cheek. Girl, you let your self go!

At breakfast it was interesting. The world's smallest IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is attached to the motel. There's a mix of cruiser bikers, sport bikers, retired people and families. I like to watch the people most. The group of 4 sport bikers just look out of place. They wear their multicolor print shirts, baggy pants, short Eminem-like blond hair (dyed, I'm sure). The biker types have beer bellies, bald spots, black leather vests, scruffier types. The very proper family sits next to me. When the waitress asks me what I'll have to drink, I say "Coffee, black, and lots of it." The father comments "Keep it pouring?" His wife cringes at hubbie talking to some strange biker. We talk and mom loosens up. From Canada, takin the kids to Disney. SURPRISE! It's Bike Week! The kids think it's cool, especially the 10 year old son. Jr. MIG in the making!

Well, I gotta get lunch, it is 5 pm! I am hungry, but those stands on main street look like an add for food poisoning. Back to IHOP for me. It's a short walk from the room. I'll be lazing out for a couple of hours and will head back to main street this evening. No major tents are set up yet, no demo rides, I'll take it easy for now. It is supposed to be nasty tomorrow, I hope the weather forecasters are wrong!

Later, MIGs!

Lucky Bastard, AKA JimG