Rovin' 'Rauder's Daytona Report - 3/2/01

We have arrived! Bessy and I are at the Daytona Ale House. I'm quafing a brew a munching a burger. Damn good, both. It was another long ride today, 535 miles. Bessy loved it. Lots of bikers once we got to South Carolina. When we started out it was 37 degres F, now it's like 80. Nice change, fer sure!

Well, wish you were here,tocoverthe bar tab.

HEY, IT'S CRAIG! A fewwords, buddy!

MIGs....I'm with the famous JimGammon!  Jim's LC RULES!   All's I got to say to those who aren't coming to
BIKEWEEK.......PHA-QUE!.........Back to Jimbo:

Thats Lucky Bastard, dude!

Live from the Daytona Ale House,

Lucky Bastard and Craig



OK, I'm back from a ride around town. This is quite different from Sturgis! Lots of crotch rockets, and this thing is just different. Good times, I'm sure.

I'll be cruisin tomorrow, and will report.

Nite All!
JimG (LB)

Take the second exit, 87A? and the days is on the exit. Rm214. Spare empty
bed waitin!

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Subject: [Mig] MIGs kick off Bikeweek

> Alrighty!
> Tonight was the official start of Bikeweek and Jim Gammon and I hoisted a
> few cold ones and toasted MIG and plotted the mafia hit on Eldridge  :)
> There we were sitting in a crowded bar with Jim's Palm pilot thingy
> e-mailing MIGs(thanks for the addy George).....Life is good!  What a great
> time I had seeing Jim tonight.  Although I've only met Jim twice(Both
> Asheville rallies) I feel like I've known him forever.  I am disappointed I
> wont see Bill McEver and frank Mooney this Bikeweek but am looking forward
> to seeing them in June.  I believe there will be MIGs rolling into Daytona
> everyday for the next several days so the Parties will get bigger and
> rowdier.
> As we left the bar Jim throws me the Key to his Bessy II and I fire up the
> beast.  Cobra's never sounded so good on a marauder.  After a short 5
> ride I realized my past impressions of an LC are inaccurate as I think I
> growing to really like that bike.  Cant wait to see BIG Jim on my little
> Hawk Monday as he promised me another ride.
> Hubert...if your reading this get your ass down here.  Jim's got room in
> hotel...come for an overnighter even but just come down!
> Craig Goldstein
> MIG #2
> '89 Honda Hawk GT