Burrito's Ultimate Centerstand!

I encourage everyone to make your own centerstand for detailing and maintenance purposes. It is easy to make and very, very inexpensive. In fact, I used scrap wood in my garage to produce mine. After reading the below instructions, please view the i llustrations to see how it looks in function.

Utilizing 2 x 4 boards, cut five boards measuring 2 feet each. Cut one 2 x 4 measuring 30 inches long. Nail the 5 - 2 foot 2 x 4's together one at a time securely with many nails or screws until you have one heavy block of wood measuring 2 feet long by 7 1/2" by 3 1/2". Now securely attach the remaining 30 inch 2 x 4 to the end of the block forming an "L" (see illustration.)

Now that you have your centerstand ready for a test have a helper nearby until you are proficient in its use. Slide the stand under the center of the bike laying the stand on its side. Holding the bike level you can reach down and grab the handle and lever the bike up onto the block. Make sure that when you line the stand up under the bike you have plenty of frame to rest on. With a little practice you will have a great tool for your bike.


Webmaster's note: Unfortunately 2 out of 3 of Burrito's photos have become corrupted, and backups are not available. Photo 1 and 3 below appear courtesy of MIG #2881.

Free-standing stand
2 4x4's fastened together with lag bolts will also do the trick. The pad is an old automative floor mat which protects the bike frame from scratches.

Stand from below
This is a view from the front side illustrating how a piece of carpet or rubber attached to the top of the stand will protect your frame paint.

Stand from rear
Imagine how easy it is for me to polish the rear wheel in addition to lubing the chain, not to mention oil changes. replacing my rear tire will be a snap now, too.