Marauder Exhaust Rattle Fix.

Thanks to Kevin Murphy MIG #437, and Greg Poust #535 for the Write-up.

The rattle was coming from the front cylinder exhaust pipe.  So I removed the first heat shield and I drilled a 1/8" hole in the exterior pipe. You can feel the drill when it gets through the outside pipe.  I used a thin nail to measure the distance from the outside pipe to the inside pipe. I was surprised to find that it was about of inch. It's no wonder that they bang against each other.  I then took a wood screw (big grooves and pointy tip) and snipped off the pointy tip, that made the screw the size I needed.  I screwed it into the hole I had drilled and turned it as tight as I could. This pushes the inside pipe against the back wall of the exterior pipe. I put the heat shield back on it not only hides the screw, but helps hold it in. It was so simple that I did not fully expect the rattle to be completely gone. I started the Marauder up and no rattle.