Paint Repair Tips.

From Kat-Man #2

The suggestion is if the scratch is deep enough that you can feel< it and through the color coat I would get automotive touch up as close a color as you can find. Clean affected scratched area with alcohol then fill in scratch only with several thin coats. I usually build the paint up slightly higher than the original paint level then once dry overnight I use 1500 grit wet sand paper with a pump spray water bottle with a drop of dish soap in it and sand down the excess paint to the level of the original paint....then sand again with 2000 grit remembering you must keep the sandpaper drenched with the soapwater solution while sanding. After all your sanding you'll notice the area is white looking and flat...don't panic! Use a good rubbing compound, then follow with a good polishing compound, then follow with a glazing product, then follow with a good wax and you'll be amazed how well you can repair scratches.

From Embe K. #815

Clear fingernail polish will help protect from rust. First make sure no rust has already started to form. As far as the touch up goes, House of Color or Sherwin-Williams Automotive division should be able to provide a match.