Jardine SlashCuts  Installation on 1999 Intruder VS1400

Editor's note: most of the photos originally included with this article have, unfortunately, become corrupt. If anyone has copies of the originals, or a similarly detailed article on slip-on installation and would like to publish them, please contact the Webmaster via the link at the bottom of the menu. Thanks!

Total installation time: 1.5 hours for me, could be much quicker.

missing pic missing pic  Before installation this is what the bike's pipes looked like.

First step is to loosen all clamps holding the mufflers to the header pipes. There is one bolt on the clamp on the right side, two on the left side, and one on the crossover, right in front of the battery box. I took all four of these bolts completely out.

battery box bolt  There are also two bolts holding the mufflers to the rear of the battery box. These two must also be completely removed.
Once all these bolts are removed, the mufflers should be easily moved. I used a block of wood and a hammer to move them out as far as I could, but the battery box ended up blocking the crossover pipe, so I could not remove them without unbolting the battery box.

missing pic  To unbolt the battery box, unbolt the two front bolts on the battery box on each side, pointed at by the arrows in this picture. The& chrome cover over the rear brake reservoir must also be removed. Once you get all four bolts out, and the cover off, the battery box is free . Be sure not to let it dangle by the cables, as they are too short to let the battery box reach the ground. Support the battery with a block of wood, then slide the mufflers back until they come off the header pipes. Once they are off the header pipes, they should easily separate at the crossover pipe, and you've got them off!

missing pic missing pic  This is the bike with no mufflers or slipons. The Jardine Slashcuts come with two pipe clamps, and one bolt. First, take the left side slip-on, the one with the s-shaped pipe, and guide it thru the space in front of the battery box.
Note: Be sure to put the supplied pipe clamp on before fitting the slip-on pipe over the header tube! Duh!
When you've got  this one run through there, re-bolt the battery box on with the four bolts you removed. Put the right side one on the header tube, making sure to put the clamp on first. The two side bolts together using the supplied bolt. When you've get them bolted together, put the bolt you removed from the muffler holding it to the battery box back in the same hole  it came from, through the mountiing hole on the top slip-on. Tighten all bolts and clamps. I put the other muffler bolt back in the back hole on the battery box on the other side, just to fill in the hole.

missing pic missing pic  This is what the bike looks like when it's done! Be sure to wipe all grease and oil from the pipes before you start them up,  or you could discolor them prematurely. They have a great sound, much louder on acceleration, but nice and rumbly at idle and at cruising speed. I think the left side of the battery box definitely needs the chrome battery cover, but it's on back order.

missing pic Documented proof of the affliction known as "Permanent Grin", which afflicts those on the first ride after adding new parts for their bike!