Various How-To projects

17 tooth Sprocket
Lower those highway RPMs for better mileage & fewer vibes.

Removing Baffles Marauder (1999-2003)
Please do this at your own risk,
MIG is not responsible for any complications

Quieting HK Strippers & American Classics
If you find that your Hard Krome Strippers or American Classics are too loud for your liking, here's an easy way to muffle them

Mocc's Place
Have a look at Moccasin Mike's fine Garage Section

Headlight Relay by Leon Stallins
Start Your Bike without Killing the Battery!

Homemade Throttle Lock
Kev's Interpretation of John C's Idea

PAIR Valve...  Take it Off!
What IS that thing, anyway?

Burrito's Ultimate Center stand!
A Must Have for all your maintenance needs!

Melted Plastic Removal!
How to get all that melted plastic crud off your piipes!

Windshield Polishing
Use Brasso, basically.

Kevin's Marauder Pipe Rattle Fix
End the dreaded Marauder pipe rattle forever.

Glenn's List of Bike Lifts
A list of links for Bike Lifts.

Beetlejuice's Idle Mixture Tuning
How to help the lean running bike without
going to a jet-kit.

Jim G's Sturgis Debriefing
Or, how to travel halfway across the country
and enjoy it!

Winterizing your bike
A good site about bike Winterization. Not ours,
but good stuff!

The Truth about Motor Oil!
More than everything you ever wanted to know about
Motor oils...

Paint Scratch Repair
Tips for scratch repairs...

Keith's Jet Kit How-To's
Based on 1400 Intruder, but a good reference
for all Suzuki Cruisers

Keith's Slash Cut How-To's
Based on 1400 Intruder, but a good reference
for most Suzuki Cruisers

Eric B.'s Guide to Marauder Carburetor Tuning
A good place to start if you're thinking about squeezing some more ponies out of your ride

Part Numbers
Oil Filter and Spark Plug Part Numbers

Motorcycle Headlight Aiming
Article on Headlight Aiming from the Long Distance Riding community

Bob Arnold's Guide to Carbureator Synchronization

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