Scott's Morrocco Trip

Good news - I did a lot of great riding through the Atlas mountains and along the Atlantic coast. Bad news - was unable to bring my Rauder due to last minute complications re: insurance.

Ended up renting a Honda 750 Tiger Sport (which really was preferable to the Rauder for the rocky and narrow mountain passes) and rode from Adagir to Essourira. For you Jimi Hendrix fans, Essourira is apparently where Jimi spent spent a drug happy summer and inspired his tune, "Castle in the Sand". The village is primarily a fishing / boat building centre with lots of artisans, craftsman and painters mixed in. Certainly has a hippy / creative / relaxed feel to it. As yet not on the tourist map but (unfortunately) on the verge of being discovered.

Most of us have been gawked at because of our bikes but picture yourself driving into the middle of a Berber village on market day and having everyone in the market square suddenly stop what they're doing to stare at you. In a country with such extreme poverty, on a Tiger Sport you're treated like a returning king, on a Rauder /Truder you'd be a returning god. I had the privilege of a personal tour of the market (known as a souk) by a village elder.

My trip coincided with the month long Muslim Ramadan fast (celebrating God revealing the Koran to Mohammed), which I knew nothing about before I went but by the end I was in the rhythm of eating little during the day (altho I did drink plenty of water) and feasting / drinking at night.

The coast road follows miles and miles of gorgeous empty beach. No villages, no people, (no gas stations !), nothing. The feeling of freedom is intoxicating. You are also right beside the desert which makes for a neat contrast of ocean surf vs. sand dunes.

Hard to capture the essence of the experience for you other than to say if you are looking for a true adventure (as opposed to a tourist holiday) and ever get the chance, its well worth it.

Scott Elliott MIG #264