New for 2012, MIG #222 Roland Millington brings us the classic MIG logo as well as a number of variations with a fresh look to them on t-shirts, mugs, underwear, and more.
Yes that's right, underwear. Get your very own MIG thong and other great accessories right here!

5th MIG Rally DVD's, courtesy of GOUDA CAM, INC.
151, Deals Gap, the Cherry Cola (Cherahola) and some MIGS
ONLY $10 plus $3 for Shipping/Handling
If Interested, email Gouda (Chris) at: GoudaCam at aol dot com

Small (4") MIG patches are in stock at Piper's Enterprises, for $7.00 each including postage to the U.S.A. and Canada. Large (11") patches are available with a minimum run of 25. As of May 28/09 the minimum order has been met, but there may still be time to add to the run. Click here to to order yours now!