Welcome to the Suzuki
Marauder Intruder Group (also Boulevard models)

MIG stands for the Marauder Intruder Group, a non-commercial, non-chartered, non-profit (believe me!) website for the owners of Suzuki Marauder and Intruder motorcycles as well as the new line of Boulevard motorcycles.

Everything is donated, we accept no advertising or sponsorships Anarchy is the rule here and the love of these motorcycles and the people who ride them has held us together since 1998.

The Website has much to offer, in brief:
  1. MIG Forum, a Delphi forum dedicated to questions and answers plus surplus parts for sale.
  2. MIG Mail, a free form mail list where everyone is equal, no moderator and no rules (well, lets keep porn off).  In MIG mail you can ask questions on bike related issues, post ride reports, and read the off-the-wall posts of our off-the-wall members. Zany, irreverent, not politically correct and downright ranting.

    Note: MIG Mail can get a lot of non-bike related material, but if you have a question, ask it.  Some has either done it, repaired it, or knows why you can't do it. Just ask.
  3. Events like our annual meet in North Carolina to ride the wonderful back-roads of the area including the Dragon.
  4. The MIG Support List, a database of MIG members who are available to help you while you're on the road.
  5. MIG chat, a a twice weekly way to meet a few MIGs and get to know us, ask questions, etc.
  6. MIG How-To, a spot for do-it-yourselfers. (Yes you can put in a sprocket yourself)

But remember, MIG is free in every sense of the word. Join our merry little group! We even allow riders of other brands, even some Harley riders! (joke)

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