Robert Frost's Suzuki
By Zube, MIG #391

Linked across the country
Are a group of guys and gals
Although most haven't met
These folks relate like pals

Keith n Craig, Tommy n Tal
Just to name a "Few"
Embe n Sam n Roll Me Away
Now over a thousand you say

While most get around in cars and trucks
We MIG's prefer our bikes
Bugs in the teeth and wind in the face
That's what we really like

Many ride the Rauder hard
And some prefer the Truder
We don't despise the Harley
Just find them somewhat cruder

They look and sound so very nice
Just leak a little oil
Suzuki bikes don't sit garaged
Nor need so much in toil

We like to add the custom parts
That cost a lot of money
And ask that dreaded question
How bout some slash-cuts, Honey?

The seat that sits atop the Rauder
Was much indeed to too hard
The Mustang seat which feels much better
Sure helps in that regard

Spots and pegs and a Memphis Shades
With pouch and bags from Willie n Max
Soap and water is all that's left
and a nice shiny coat of protective wax

Winter's ending, the time is near
The roar of V-twins is what you hear
So straddle that beast n hit the gas
Now all you do is haul some ass!