De-Winterizing a Motorcycle... From the Motorcycle's Perspective
By Sacha Guy
MIG #5399

With a slight shiver she began to wake up from her long nap, realizing the blanket that had kept her so nice and cozy through the colder months was slowly sliding off. There was no chill creeping in as the blanket was removed, it was not the air that caused the shiver to creep over her as she awoke, it was the gentle caress of the soft material as it slide over her every curve.

Familiar hands slide over her curves to the cord that had slowly hummed and trickled into her system over the winter months, comforting her as she slept. With a click the trickle stopped. For a moment she was confused, but soon those familiar hands were sliding over her curves again, calming her, relaxing her.

She felt those familiar hands move lower as they gently removed the cloths that had been used to keep those small furry creatures from exploring her most private inner workings. During her rest they had scurried near her feet a number of times, but thankfully they could not easily reach her. Her companion had seen to that.

Gently but firmly those familiar hands gripped hers and rocked her forward. In one quick movement she realized she was now standing. It was wonderful to be standing again, even if she was a little wobbly initially. Her companion helped to steady her by sliding her knee out to the side and allowing her to rest there.

Those hands which had moments ago placed her on her feet now moved to her front, gently massaging her front foot, checking for imperfections that might cause her pain later. The same was repeated for her back foot. It was a necessary thing to check, and she did so enjoy the massage. Even the slight pinch when the pressure was adjusted in her back foot, made a shiver pass through her body. Her anticipation was already starting to build.

Those familiar hands that barely seemed able to go moments without caressing her, moved further forward, reaching for parts that would help awaken her further. She felt a pop followed by the cold touch of a familiar tool. With a twist a portion of her inner workings were exposed, but before she could further think about it she felt a small amount of the dark liquid that would make things slide more easily together after being stationary for so many months. The same process was repeated three more times. With each gentle intrusion her anticipation level heighten further.

Anticipation grew further since she knew her companion had not touched her everywhere yet. With that thought hands slide down her side and carefully twisted a sensitive switch that would allow her to feel the pulse of electricity through her system. It was a much stronger pulse than the trickle she was fed during her rest and it felt so much more intense.

She quivered as those familiar hands pressed the button that would make her rumble and purr. But she was only allowed to quiver, it was just enough to move the dark liquid around, just enough to remind her of what would be, enough to make her want more.

As she reveled in the feel of that energy running through her, she felt those familiar hands gliding over her, gently pressing and flicking as the energy moved through different areas of her system. Each different press and flick woke up a new location that lit up in response to the new energy flow. She felt each press and flick with renewed enthusiasm; finally she let out a scream when another of her buttons was pressed.

She could purr after so much sensation, and as if her companion sensed her need, a button those gentle fingers had not gone near was being cautiously pressed. Much to her dismay she sputtered a little rather than the purr she craved. But her companion was right there pressing her further, encouraging her to shake off the effects of such a long rest.

With one last cough she cleared her throat and purred to life. She felt those familiar hands leave her for but a moment, leaving her to revel in the feel of her own body as it thrummed and hummed and pulsed with excitement.

It wasn't long before she felt the weight of her companion come down on her, and felt those familiar hands take hold of hers. With a twist of her right hand she roared with excitement... it was time to play.